Seen and Heard

Two of the pilot studies undertaken in the Action used visual methods. In ‘Supervisible’, we invited people with lived experience of being supervised to take photos that reflected upon and represented these experiences. In ‘Visualising practice’, we invited probation practitioners to do likewise.

Supervisible was supported financially by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund and by the Howard League for Penal Reform in England and Wales, as well as benefiting from one of our Short Term Scientific Missions (see: STSM Fitzgibbon). With this funding we were able to work with people in England, Germany and Scotland and to develop plans to repeat the pilot in five more countries.


The Visualising practice project collected images from 12 practitioners in 5 countries, also with support from the Action.

In total we collected and analysed over 700 images. For our final conference in Brussels on 11-12th March, 2016, these images were given to an artist, Carolyne Kardia who is curating an exhibition of 60 images.

12 of those images also provided the stimuli for a 2-day song-writing workshop in Glasgow in February 2016 facilitated by the charity Vox Liminis. The workshop involved musicians, people with experience of supervision, a criminal justice social worker, an artist, two criminologists and a radio producer in co-writing 12 songs, some of which wereperformed at our final conference.

You can listen to a short podcast about the songwriting workshop here:

We’re very grateful to Richard Bull for making this podcast.

You can also find and listen to all 12 songs here: Vox Liminis: Seen and Heard

To see the full exhibition brochure and read more about the songwriting workshop, click here: Seen and Heard


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