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Offender Supervision in Europe: Final Report

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OSE Press Release (Dutch)

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Action Chair discusses our work on BBC Scotland:


Final Conference Closing Plenary (Fergus McNeill)

Decision-making and Supervision Podcast (Miranda Boone and Niamh Maguire)

Practising Supervision Podcast (Gwen Robinson and Jake Phillips)

Experiencing Supervision Podcast (Ioan Durnescu and Christian Grafl)

Supervisible Podcast (Wendy Fitzgibbon and Deirdre Healy)

Seen and Heard Song-writing Workshop Podcast

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OSE Newsletter 2015

OSE Newsletter 2014

OSE Newsletter 2013

Working Group Briefing Papers

The resources below have been produced by members of the Action, and are somehow related to its work. As the Action progresses, the list will grow, so watch this space…


WG1 Briefing 2016

WG2 Briefing 2016

WG3 Briefing 2016


WG1 Briefing 2015

WG2 Briefing 2015

WG3 Briefing 2015


WG1 Briefing 2014

WG2 Briefing 2014

WG3 Briefing 2014

[There is no WG4 Briefing this year as this group has been temporarily suspended]


WG1 Briefing 2013

WG2 Briefing 2013

WG3 Briefing 2013

WG4 Briefing 2013

Reports of Short Term Scientific Missions

STSM Report – Podoletz

STSM Scientific Report Meritxell Carbonell Guerrero

STSM Scientific Report Louise Kennefick et al

STSM Scientific Report Ioan Durnescu

STSM Scientific Report Anna.Melendez

STSM Report Rovira

STSM Report Anagnostaki

STSM Fitzgibbon

STSM Report_Aline Bauwens


Research Reports and Presentations

CSM Rules Consultation Response

Community Sanctions and European Penology

Experiencing Supervision in Scotland

Experiencing Offender Supervision in Ireland

Experiencing supervision – England and Wales Country Report (FINAL)

Offender supervision in The Netherlands

Offender Supervision in Switzerland

Offender supervision in Serbia

Mass supervision (audio)

Mass supervision (PowerPoint)

The audio recordings of the plenary sessions from our first conference (in April 2013) are available here:







PowerPoints and video footage can be found on our ‘International Conference’ page (follow the link in the navigation bar above).

Papers at the Bratislava meeting, 25th October 2013

Reuben Miller ‘Devolving the Carceral State: ‘Race’, reentry and the responsibilisation of the ‘new’ urban poor

(Audio file)

(PowerPoint) Miller 251013

Cyrus Tata ‘Decision-making Research: Escaping the top-down mentality?’

(Audio file)

(PowerPoint) Tata 251013

Anne Worrall ‘Doing probation work: Identity in a criminal justice occupation’

(Audio file)

(PowerPoint) Worrall 251013

Christine Morgenstern on ‘Consent’ Morgenstern 251013

Rob Canton on the STREAM Project Canton 251013

Kristel Beyens on decision-making Beyens

Papers presented at the Malta meeting, 27th-28th March 2014

Developing Approaches to Comparative Research (Louise Brangan, University of Edinburgh)

Developing Approaches to Public Engagement (Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow)  McNeill COST 270314

Adriana Scicluna’s presentation on European funding opportunities: Funding Opportunities_280314


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