Resources on Offender Supervision in Europe

Although our Action formally concluded at out final conference last week, we are still working hard to ensure that the outputs of our work reach as wide an audience as possible. For that reason, we’ll be maintaining this website for the next year or so at least. We’d very much appreciate your help in sharing these resources as far and as wide as you can.

If you click the link above for our page on ‘Documents and Resources’, you’ll see what we have produced so far. As well as the annual newsletter and briefing reports from our working groups and the reports of the short-term scientific missions, you’ll find various papers from our meetings (in audio, text or powerpoint form), and various papers that have contributed to our deliberations over the last four years.

The most recent content however, are podcasts that reflect on our work, our final report, and associated press releases for various countries (and in various languages). For the lazy among you, here are some of the most recent offerings:

Supervisible Podcast:  This is a short podcast on our Supervisible project. In it, Deirdre Healy interviews Wendy Fitzgibbon about what we did, why we did it, and what we learned.

Practising Supervision Podcast: This is a short podcast from our Practising Supervision group. In it, Jake Phillips interviews Gwen Robinson about the group’s work and achievements to date.

The link below allows you to hear the closing address to the Action’s final conference, in which our chair (Fergus McNeill) attempts to summarise what the Action has achieved, and what the next steps might be for research on offender supervision:

We have many more podcasts coming soon, so watch this space.

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