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Our Athens conference is ongoing and much is being learned from the insights of our guests (especially Prof Stef Decoene) and rom our own working groups. In due course, I’ll post the PowerPoints so those that unable to attend can nonetheless get a sense of our discussions.

But, as often happens, in the informal discussions around the fringes of the conference, one interesting practical idea has already emerged. With the Action now nearing the end of its third year, some of us have identified a need to hear and amplify the voices of researchers who might be relatively new to the field, or early in their research careers, or who haven’t been involved (yet) in the books and special issues we have already generated. In fact, this idea also links to a similar recognition from our Barcelona Training School of the need to try to hear more from a new generation of scholars.

So, I’m writing this post to encourage anyone who might be considered an early stage researcher (which means up to eight years post PhD) or indeed anyone at any career stage who feels that they have something new or different to say about offender supervision in Europe to get in touch. We don’t yet have a clear agenda as to what might come of this — perhaps a book, perhaps a journal special issue, perhaps a series of blog posts — but we’d like to hear your views and your ideas. The only rule I’d suggest is that we extend this invitation only to those who have not already contributed to one of our publications… which of course rules me out!

So, Aline Bauwens of the Free University of Brussels has kindly agreed to coordinate this work, so please comment here or send Aline an email at

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