Conference preparations and reviewing progress

It’s been a busy few weeks for most of us involved with the Action. In advance of the conference, working group leaders and members have been trying to work out how on earth to summarise and present in about 40 minutes everything that we have learned from a year of reviewing research from across Europe on our four themes: experiencing supervision, decision-making and supervision, practising supervision, and European policy and practice. Having had sight of their draft presentations, I think they have done a brilliant job and I’m eager to hear how conference attendees will respond to their work.

Meanwhile, Tim McBride (our erstwhile administrator) has been working extremely hard to put the practical arrangements in place for everyone to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. We now have about 150 people attending, about half and half academics and practitioners. As of today we have enlisted some extra help from Paul McGuinness — one of our postgraduate researchers whose own project is an ethnography of community payback in Scotland. Paul has been putting together the conference packs.

Not that I’ve been sitting back… As well as putting together the conference programme and trying to make sure everyone knows their part (if not their lines!), I have had to complete the first annual monitoring report on the work of the Action; quite a tricky task ahead of the presentation of all of our findings. But, deadlines are deadlines, and so the report is now complete and is available for anyone interested on our Documents and Resources page (just click on the link in the bar above). You’ll also find short reports from each working group there.

The final conference programme is now available on the ‘International Conference’ page, as are the speakers’ biographies. It’s quite a line up and promises to be a great event.


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