Childhood criminal records

From Christine Morgenstern…

After our first international COST conference in Liverpool in April 2013 we discussed the question of criminal records in this blog, in particular the adverse effects on social reintegration when the record is accessible for future employers (or others) for a very long time or forever, even if the person concerned has long since stopped offending. A current report commissioned by the Standing Committee for Youth Justice (SCYJ) in England and Wales acknowledges this problem particularly for persons under 18. After reviewing the criminal record systems in over a dozen countries (compiled with support of some members of the COST Action), the Committee comes to the conclusion that in England and Wales ‘There are many parts to the criminal record disclosure system that are disproportionate and unnecessary. A specific attempt to ensure that criminal records do not blight the lives of children is long-overdue.’

More on this here:

The excellent report ‘Growing up, Moving on. The International Treatment of Childhood Criminal Records’ by Claire Sands can be found here:

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